Fall Ball


Fall Ball is a great time for new and returning players to get ready for the Spring season.  Players will play in the division they will be playing in the spring.  

The goal of Fall Ball is a fun and educational time where kids can learn new rules and game strategies and improve their game in the off season.

A few examples include Pony players adjusting to Farm kid pitching, and Farm players adjusting to Little League rules including 3 outfielders and the Drop Third Strike.

It is also a good time for players to learn additional playing positions and get some game experience for pitching.  Fall Ball rules limit the amount of pitching a child can do to 2 innings per game.

Fall Ball games will be played from the first week of September through October.

Fall ball is played on Little League fields with 60 ft bases and the 46 ft pitchers mound.

The Field

CLICK HERE to get directions to the field at 601 Theodore St, Scranton, PA 18508