About Us

North Scranton Little League

At North Scranton Little League our main goal is to provide the highest quality experience for our children. We strive to teach our children about the value of hard work, good sportsmanship, teamwork, and how to play baseball.

NSLL is recognized as one of the top programs in the area. Our enrollment combined with level of play, season after season, proves that!

Our kids love this game, we do it for them!

2021 Officers

President – Jaimie Bell

Vice President – Al Kearny

Secretary – Jess Regan

Treasurer(s) – Joe Aldocowski & Tom Moran

Information Officer – George Marcinkevich

Safety Officer – TJ Manley

Players Agent – JR Donahue

Coaches Agent – Derek Tuft

Grounds – Joseph Regan

Concession Stand – Nicole Shupp

Teener League – Carmine Saita

Fundraising – Brittany Marcinkevich

Fundraising – Kent Mackalunis