North Scranton Toyota wins Rain Shortened Farm Tournament

North Scranton Toyota would leave the field with the trophies but ultimately it was rain that won the North Scranton Farm Tournament.  With Toyota leading 6-0 in the 5th inning of the championship game the game was called as the rain wouldn’t let up.  The North Scranton “Grounds Crew” did a great job over the weekend getting the little league field ready after rain washed out the tournament on Saturday.  The tournament was changed to single elimination for Sunday.

They would eventually find themselves in the championship but it was an early start at 9 a.m. for Grande (Dunmore) as they faced off against North Scranton Latona Trucking.  Grande would then face SWB Railriders (East), who received a first round bye, and a win would put them in the championship game.

North Scranton Toyota would begin their day at 10:30 a.m. and victories against Frattelis (Central) and Bekins (Moosic) would be the route they took to the championship game.

The rain, which teams, volunteers and fans would fight all weekend long, would briefly stall the action in the semi final game but things looked to clear up just a bit as the game came to an end. Eventually in the 5th inning of the championship game the rain would start to fall again. With the infield wearing out, for the safety of the kids a decision was made to call the game.

Congratulations to North Scranton Toyota for winning the 2017 North Scranton Farm Tournament and thank you to all the volunteers who took time to make the tournament a success and for the hard work of our team who did everything they could (mostly in the rain) to get the field ready and keep it playable throughout the day.


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