North Scranton Little League Home

Message from the League President

As we embark on the 2017 Fall Ball season at North Scranton I'd like to take a moment to look back on the successes of the Spring season.  It was a season that started with a brand new sound and PA system, saw the arrival of a brand new scoreboard for the Little League field and ended with hosting the 10-11 All Star Sectional Tournament, the first time ever at North Scranton.

Due in great part to the dedication and hard work of our players and coaches we have a lot to be proud of.  From T-Ball to Teener we had fourteen teams this year at North Scranton.  We had two Pony teams with over 10 wins each (Stirna's and FNCB), a Farm team (Toyota of Scranton) that finished 13-1, a Little League team (Elite Construction) that finished 10-2 and our Teener league team SWB Railriders finished their season 14-2!

The Toyota of Scranton Farm team did pretty well in Farm Tournaments this season taking not only the championship at the North Scranton Farm Tournament but also winning the East Scranton and Central City Farm Tournaments as well.  Of course we are extremely proud of our North Scranton 10-11 All Stars for winning the 10-11 All Star District 32 Championship.  This season North Scranton was represented in the City/County Tournament by Elite Construction.

There were a lot of people involved in this league that helped get us to where we are at today. I'd like to thank our Board of Directors; Joe Aldcowski, Ted Anderson, Rose Bohenek, Mary Ellen Cotterick, Kim Donahue, Ted Gronki, Jeff Jarrow, Art Levandoski, Guy Parr, Carmine Saita, Mike Sewack, Mark Stalica, J.R. Wahlers, and Mike Williams. Our board devotes a ton of time!

A very big thank you to our coaches and volunteers. Without YOU our league wouldn't be anything. Our coaches devote their time, knowledge, and experience to these kids with zero expectation of anything in return. Our league would not be able to run without our volunteers, from those that help with field prep, cleanup, working the stand and helping to raise money and participate in fundraisers, I thank you.

Our main goal is providing the highest quality experience for our children. NSLL is recognized as one of the top programs in the area. Our enrollment combined with level of play, season after season, proves that!  Priority number one is our players. They are our children, our future, the reason we do this. The moments that are created on the field are the moments that should remind us why we do this.

Our kids love this game, we do it for them.